My Chemical Romance Frontman Reveals Album Completion at Comic-Con

My Chemical Romance vocalist Gerard Way participated in a Dark Horse panel discussion today at San Diego Comic-Con.

Sporting a new hairstyle that sent fans into a shocked frenzy, the singer revealed during panel that "there would be no new comics from him this year, but his band just finished its new album and he would return to comics immediately after," according to a live report from ComicBookResources.Com. Way added that the finished product was a "second attempt" at the album, which is not surprising; as, the band announced in March that they had created enough material for two-and-a-half albums.

Last year, Way said that his newest comic project "The True Lives of The Fabulous Killjoys" would be out in 2010.

It seems the album has made plans change since then.

Just two weeks ago, fans were given a hint in the form of a picture that the album had been completed from MCR lead guitarist Ray Toro.


If I find more information, it will be posted here! I'll keep everyone as updated as I can through twitter. Gerard will participate in another discussion at Comic-Con tomorrow.

Video from the panel:

Photo: Blond Way between Gabriel Bá and Fábio Moon
Credit: Hot Topic Live


ching said…
whether it's the hair or the shirt..he's still awesome for his talent!

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