The College that Stole Halloween

I'd like to thank you, Ohio University, for bringing more attention than is average to Halloween (I've heard you should start these kind of rants on a positive note).

Here's what I would not like to thank you for:

Halloween to me is this: it's appreciating Bela Lugosi, it's scary movies and haunted houses, it's showing off my creativity with a costume, it's trick-or-treating, Frank Iero's birthday, and being able to dress the way I do and have it considered normal for a day. But most of all it's the sense that one can be anything he or she wants on Halloween; it's beautiful and empowering. I know I am not alone when I say that -yea, sometimes when I put on a costume I feel powerful. For instance, you probably feel a little bit different when you're wearing a business suit than your regular attire, eh? You do. Don't lie. You may even feel better than those around you. The point is; Halloween can be what an individual chooses to make of it and of himself or herself, and it can be almost enlightening, but Ohio University--
Well, the general OU population seems to have other ideas...

Apparently, we have this party. Apparently, said party is HUGE. This party is all I have been hearing about this week; this party and it's... reputation. Don't get me wrong, I'm not opposed to a person's doing certain things- do as you wish, but it's not for me, and it's not the idea of Halloween I want to have. And instead of grasping this holiday's chance to be creative and to express oneself, the most I have heard about costumes is along the lines of this: "OH MY GOD, THE SKIRT IS SO SHORT; WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE MY COSTUME!"

To each his own, but- MY GOD- would I love to just see someone else with a nice appreciation of a good old zombie or vampire or two.

Here I am, the creepy girl with the vampire on her door and bats in her room, and it's almost as if those around me don't know why I have such decorations. The party is the only thing about Halloween that matters after all, right?



Tony said…
Is there any holiday that hasn't been ruined yet?

I guess there's always Winter-een-mas...
Blogger Tony said...

Is there any holiday that hasn't been ruined yet?

I guess there's always Winter-een-mas...

Yes, the combined and made-up ones tend to remain unharmed.

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