Thank You, MCRupdates

Last night, Taylor from the amazing My Chemical Romance fansite MCR Updates announced that she will no longer continue to run the website.

It's no secret that the fan community owes a lot to the site she maintained so passionately and tirelessly for the past couple years.

MCR Updates was always fast, accurate, to-the-point and supplied information that squashed rumors and enhanced the knowledge of the fanbase.

During my last couple years of college, I had to kind of fall back from tirelessly hunting MCR news, and MCR Updates was always there to help me fill in the gaps.

So, this is a thank you to Taylor for all of her hard work, and for all of the times she helped me gather content to post here. This blog also owes a lot to MCR Updates.

She created something so special and covered the MCR world we all so care about in such a way that future fans will be able to look back and have an accurate timeline of exactly what was going on with the band during the time she ran the site.

Good luck, Taylor, with everything you do. Not that you need it. Your dedication and passion will lend itself to anything you do, and you will excel.



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