Contest Winners Chosen!

First of all: I know a lot of you have been anxiously awaiting this announcement; so, I apologize for having taken so long! I simply wanted to make sure all of your entries (almost 160 of them!!!) were given the time and consideration they deserved.

With a little help from the lovely person who donated the action figures, I painstakingly narrowed it down to 13 final contest entries and--because they were all so good and this is a highly subjective thing--used an online randomizer to choose the top three! Winners have been contacted; so, please be sure to check whichever account you gave me as a way to reach you!

Because I have seen animosity toward winners of contests in the past, I have decided to omit the names and entries of the winners here unless they give me permission to post them.

All of your entries were astounding and beautiful. Reading them and seeing how My Chemical Romance has the ability to affect and help people on such a large scale and in so many ways often brought tears to my eyes.

So, thank you for sharing your stories, for being brave and for "sing[ing] it out."

I encourage everyone to read the contest entries and--though the contest is over--post your own if you want!




"Heaven Help Us" by @Acid_Wit

He could feel himself choking, and when he heard the wet sound of coughing issuing from his own throat he knew he was choking on his own blood. The world was ending around him in fire and brimstone, and he could hear the screams of the innocent and the guilty alike. Stone and mortar that had broken off from the church lay strewn around him, and his eyes widened when he saw them. The angels were coming. Their wings were bright and made of gold, and they were heartbreaking in their glory and beauty. He reached out a hand to them, and it was covered in blood.

One landed softly beside him, not making a sound. He couldn’t tell the angel’s gender, but the angel smiled at him all the same. It knelt, pushing his hair back and he felt ashamed that his blood was staining the angel’s robes. “Shhh,” it said. “You’re saved now.” And without warning, the angel broke his neck.

He screamed himself awake, sitting up. But he collapsed back against the bed when he realized he was in the same shabby hotel he’d ended the night in. “Oh fuck… Just a dream,” he said to himself.


"S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W" by Rachael

Everything is hazy. Oranges, yellows, and reds cover the land, along with a deep fog that carries each color farther than ever before- it’s sunset. You’ve been running all day, trying to find the perfect hiding spot, just so you won’t be found while you sleep. It’s become a daily routine for survival. Once you’ve decided on a spot, you lay down, and a piece of cloth on your arm slides off a bit, revealing skin. It burns like hell. You quickly cover it up. You just keep telling yourself that one day, you’ll get away from all of this fallout. Across from you, your part time lover, part time partner in crime is staring right at you. You hold hands, and reassure one another that everything will be okay. Darkness is slowly approaching, and with it comes the fear that you might not wake up tomorrow. No matter how well you hide, there is always the possibility of being found. Each breath stings your lungs, so you try to calm down. You try to find some sort of serenity, so that you may fall asleep. Slowly, but surely, you drift off- hopefully not for the last time. Good luck.


"Bulletproof Heart" by @DeathxB4Disco

It's that indescribable feeling. I guess the best way to describe it is warmth. It's like you're standing outside on a warm summer day, just after winter had perished and you embrace the sunlight pouring all over your skin. Visually speaking, (I see this from an aerial view with the pov moving around me in the direction of a circle) you're standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon and you see a clear blue sky, maybe with a few clouds, but they're definitely not interfering with your sunlight. The earth's dirt has a tan/brown/orangish coloration, with a few patches of dying plants with some green lingering on the branches. Of course, the Colorado river is rushing beneath you, adding the danger factor, if you so happen to fall off. Suddenly, you feel a gust of wind that brings no cold and you feel as if you can fly. You tilt your head back and open your arms wide, far enough back so that you can feel a slight stretch throughout your torso. That's when the feeling hits. You're officially free, with no one to tell you how to speak, hear, think or see. And it feels so right.


Some of the other top picks!

Kristen | Hannah | Erin | Ben Cyanide | Laurie | Keyla | Maritza | Benedikte | Jessica | Stephanie | Katia | Ellis | Aoife


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