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Behold, my concert calendar!

As you can see, I have recently attended a Taking Back Sunday show for which a live review is conspicuously missing. Skim a bit lower, and you will see that I am also seeing them live tomorrow. I plan to do a sort of combined review for the two shows. I'll say only this: The Cincinnati show was one of the best shows I have ever attended. It was also the hottest.

Next on the list: Warped Tour!

My press passes for this year's Warped Tour were just confirmed. That is where you come in. Last year was the first time I had experienced life in the Warped press room. I discovered there that, as often happens at the festival, there were plenty of surprises.

Plenty of my requested interviews fell through last year, and -- by total surprise -- I ended up interviewing Every Time I Die. This year, knowing those surprises so often arise, I did more research and am more equipped for surprise encounters, but I'd like for fans to be involved.

On the chance that I would get to speak to a band you like who will be at the Cincinnati Warped Tour stop, I want to know what questions YOU have! Leave a comment here or Email me to let me know!

I can't guarantee that it will get asked; as, I may not get the chance to speak to the band you want, but there is always a chance!

Updates will be coming soon, including a couple pending MCR news updates (Visit MyChemicalRomance[dot]com for information now).



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