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Hello, readers!

I just wanted to check in with a little site change! It's actually not going to affect you or the blog too much, but if you'll look up a little bit, you'll see that whereas you may have seen before, you now see

I've been wanting to change my URL for a while to make it easier for you guys to find the site and to make it look better on those dreaded resumes and internship applications I will be filling out soon. I noticed that many of you started calling me "Cassie The Venomous," and thus- is where you will now find this blog!

No worries. All the old, familiar content is still here, and you can still find my blog under its old name.

There are a couple bugs when you use, such as the Twitter feed at the top's not showing up and the reader list not showing up on the side, but it's not so bad.

Thanks again for reading! I'm sure I'll have some MCR news for you soon!



AK said…
I'm jealous for that picture above. D;
Rosie said…
Haha FINALLY , now when I type "" I will actually get to your site! How many visitors do you get per day out of interest?
ching said…
aweessoommmeee. i'm liking your new url name.

Ha-ha! It was taken in the waiting room of the Warner Brothers Records offices when I was there for the listening party. That banner is so epic. We drove past the building the night before and could see it from the road.


I'm glad it will make things easier! I figured it would. My traffic varies daily, but lately it has tended toward roughly between 500 and 1000 hits a day.



Thank you!

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