Interview: Hurting, Healing and Living Music with Andy Six of Black Veil Brides

Black Veil Brides vocalist Andy Six wants his band to be the biggest in the world and wants to experience it all with a fanbase that has become a family to him...

Read my full Q&A with Andy Six for ACRN.Com

Here's blog-exclusive outtake that word limits prevented from showing up in the article:

Me: I love Alkaline Trio, and I know that you tweet their lyrics at, like, 3 in the morning-…

A6: I do! Honestly, Alkaline Trio are really the only thing that kept me going. And that’s why I want to be, if I can be, I want to try to convey the same message that that did to me. If it wasn’t for that band, I probably wouldn’t be alive today. When kids say that kind of stuff to me today, that’s more heartfelt to me than anything else to me—to know that I’ve had the impact on someone that the lyrical content of Alkaline Trio did on me.

Me: That’s exactly why I want to be a writer because my favorite band, My Chemical Romance, literally saved my life, and I know how that feels; so, I’m like, “I need to help kids see that there’s music out there that can do this for them,” yunno?

A6: Right! My Chemical Romance is a band that was hugely influenced by Alkaline Trio.

Me: Yea, they love them. Oh my God, when they were on tour together it was so amazing [joyous noise]… Anyway.

A6: What was that, like, six years ago? [laughs]

Me: Yea, it was 5 years ago, and I actually went to, like, 4 shows on that tour [laugh], ‘cause I’m crazy… But, anyway: What is your favorite Alkaline Trio song?

A6: Ah, that’s like asking me to pick between my kids! I couldn’t do that.

Me: They have, like, 90-some songs. How the hell are you supposed to choose, right?

A6: I know every word to all of them, like, unreleased demos, everything! I know all of it!

Me: Dude, me too. You’ve seen them live, right?

A6: Of course. I’ll always remember, you know, seeing them when I was, like, 12 or 13 and how just nice and receptive they were. My first band was called Biersack, and I had an Alkaline Trio jacket where Matt wrote, “The best band in the world is Biersack” on the back, so that was cool.




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