Gerard Way appears on May 2010 cover of 'Nylon Guys'

Siren Studios has posted preview images of those that will run in the May issue of Nylon Guys Magazine.

Be sure to check out the issue for a full interview!

I'll post more information here as soon as I have it!


Both Nylon and Nylon Guys have posted a few quotes from the article as well as a slideshow of more images.

In the full article, Way describes elements of the upcoming album's artwork, explaining that the quality of photography is grainy, but mixed with it are clean typefaces. According to Way, the band has been able to put much more focus on the album artwork this time. According to Nylon, "Way plans to work on the cover art for his album."

Way describes a new song titled "Detonator Baby" in which he claims there is a line about spitting on a celebrity, which Way claims he would love to do.

The article is really dense with fact and paraphrasing and few quotes. It's an interesting take on a snapshot of MCR history that we have yet to see. Should you buy this magazine? Definitely!



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