MCR Back in Studio This Week!!

Various sources such as Kerrang!, Buzznet, and BBC News have released articles today where a clearly excited Gerard Way speaks of the band's getting together this week to begin recording for the next album.

From the sound of things, "Desolation Row" got them psyched to get back into the usual MCR groove of things. Wait, did I say usual? According to the band members, they are so stoked that this recording process could very well end up going more quickly than I can blog it. Ray Toro, Bob Bryar, and Gerard Way- alternating the playing of guitar, bass, and drum as they did so- already began writing at least three rough songs. The very un-MCR-like quick recording plus the fact that they are going for a more rough sound on this album can mean nothing but high-energy and excitement for the band, on the album, and among fans. Frank Iero claimed that from about the second week of being on break, he has wanted to return to writing with his bandmates.

The MCR present is looking so bright, I fear I may have to up the UV protection level of my over-sized shades.



Unknown said…
i read about this as well. I'm very pumped. Can they beat their previous efforts though? they've released some very memorable albums in the last several years.
I don't doubt them. It's hard to compare any of their albums at all, though, because they have all been so different. Like, "The Black Parade" is nothing like "...Revenge" and "...Bullets..." is a whole different story from Revenge. It's hard to say, but I think they'll throw out something unique and equally good this time around.


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