Bittersweet Symphony-- No Sidewalk for YOU!

Athens, Ohio, I have noticed something about you: you are packed with people unwilling to share a sidewalk. Heards of friends tend to stumble down your sidewalks in inconsiderate lines, and I - the ever-submissive one- am left to walk in the mud, but no more!
Following my '90s week theme, The Verve (not to be confused with other '90s artist, The Verve Pipe) have brought me inspiration with their video for "Bittersweet Symphony". The song itself is from their 1997 album, "Urban Hymns" and has had plenty of controversy surrounding it for the orchestral sample used in it.
That all is beyond the point, though. The point of this blog is that, because of this video I intend to never be the one to step off the sidewalk because of an on-coming blockade of rudeness again...for today at least. And I will strut.



The A.G.B said…
Man, that song rocks. The 90s really had its moments. What was the controversy surrounding the orchestral sample?
You can read about it here:


MikeYabs said…
Have you heard Ace Enders' cover of this? I know Craig Owens features, as well as a buttload of other singers. Its quite good.
Oh, neat! I haven't heard it, but I will definitely have to look into it now!


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