My Chemical Romance Fires Mike Pedicone

As most of you probably already read, MCR guitarist Frank Iero announced via blog post on Friday September 2 that "the relationship between My Chemical Romance and [touring drummer] Michael Pedicone is over," after "[Pedicone] was caught red handed stealing from the band."

"We are heartbroken and sick to our stomachs over this entire situation. The band has no intention of pressing charges or taking this matter any further than we have to. We just want him out of our lives. The people who play in this band are a family, and family should not take advantage of each other like he did," Iero wrote.

In a Kerrang! exclusive, Pedicone made a statement explaining his side of the story.

Pedicone said that what had lead him to make the "poorest decision of [his] life" had been an ongoing conflict with a member of the crew, whom he had "tried to make...look incompetent" through his actions.

Since letting Pedicone go, My Chemical Romance has recruited drummer Jarrod Alexander, formerly of A Static Lullaby, to play with them live without missing a show of their current Honda Civic Tour.

"The show must go on," as Frank Iero said.

Good fucking riddance.



Anonymous said…
I still wonder what was Pedicone stole about?
Lina said…
Honestly, who cares what he stole? It's non of our business. Leave the man alone.
I agree with you, Lina.

Frank gave us all the information we're going to get, and it's done. They've moved on.

To me, it doesn't matter what he stole-- the fact is, he did something bad.

Whether this had happened to MCR or anyone else, trying to frame someone is a horrible thing to do.


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