My Chemical Romance launch Better Living Industries Website

UPDATE (November 24 @ 11:42 p.m. EST):

I see that there's not much information about BLI out there and a lot of you are finding what you can here. I am pasting the following here from a more extensive informational post I have made about the Killjoys world. I hope this will help:

What is Better Living Industries?

Better Living Industries (Also known as BLI, BL/ind, or BL industries) is the corporation that controls Battery City. The corporation strives to bring about structure in a post-apocalyptic world. It is known for producing emotion-eliminating medications as well as every other manufactured product one can acquire in 2019.

BLI crosses over from the Killjoys world and into real life. The made-up corporation has its own  web site with products that you can actually purchase, a mission statement and a "Zone Report" in both Japanese and English.  Also, MCR takes it a step further by having changed the name under which their music is published to "Better Living Industries Music," which you can see in the liner notes of Danger Days.... BLI also overtakes the edited version of Danger Days..., whiting out the internal album art, taking away the lyrics and putting its smiling face logo (above right) all over it. The Danger Days: California 2019 Edition box set is packaged in a BLI box and the 3-song The Mad Gear & Missile Kid E.P. that comes with it is printed on a disc made to look like a BLI brand CD-R.

Check out some BL/ind commercials and "Fact News" reports.


ORIGINAL POST (November 18 at 1:48 A.M. EST):

The plot thickens, motorbabies.

As if mysterious transmissions and strange Twitter characters blasting at us from every angle were not enough to immerse My Chemical Romance fans in the world of The Fabulous Killjoys, there is now a website for Better Living Industries. The BL/ind site features a mission statement, a report from the Zones and even a merchandise store where you can buy your own BL/ind gear that is sure to make you fit right in with the monochromatic scenery of Battery City.

The launch of the site follows the premier of the band's video for "SING," which - if you're still lost on what BL/ind is - can explain it pretty well:

Whose side are you on?


UPDATE: A site showed up for Dead Pegasus Oil before the BL/ind one. There is still no solid evidence that it is either official or unofficial.


NekroTek said…
That's scary how BL/ind. is sorta trying to take us over...
Anonymous said…
killjoys 4 ever! *shoots bl/ind zombie*

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