My Chemical Romance Casting-Call Seeks "Little Girl" and "Ladyboy"

UPDATE August 26, 2010
Chris, admin of DrinkingSouls, has found that the source that sent out the casting call was ActorsAccess.Com, a casting site that promotes job opportunities for aspiring actors.


A screen-shot posted on DrinkingSouls.Com of what is supposedly a casting advertisement sent out to actors may give insight to the visual direction of My Chemical Romance's upcoming album.

The ad calls for a "Little Girl" with "attitude and vulnerability." The description cites Natalie Portman in "The Professional" (pictured left, Portman played the role of Mathilda, a child assassin) as a reference for the character.

"Ladyboy," a person who must be "identifiable as male" but "feminine" and who must be able to rollerskate is also mentioned. The wardrobe for that character includes tights, a layered tank-top/half-shirt combination and a helmet.

The two characters are set to appear on internal album art, promotional materials (both physical and digital) and merch. As a sidenote, the ad mentions the possibility of a video appearance.

The casting call, which was sent August 19, asked for submissions "ASAP Today," and the possible shoot dates range from August 30 to September 3.

I am in the process of finding more information about from where the casting-call came. Everything seems legitimate, but until I know the original source, I'm going to have to call it rumor. I have contacted DrinkingSouls for possible further information and will keep you posted here if I find anything new.

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Noelle said…
The little girl in that picture looks really wicked cool. Just saying.
Hope this info is legit.
Anonymous said…
this sounds epic!
santanaCYANIDE said…
they'll probably change it now that everyone knows :/
I'm super late, but I just realized.
The call mentions shoot dates ranging from August 30 to September 3. was updated to show the freaky receiver on September 3.
Anonymous said…
The Professional was a good movie, but i hope MCR doesn't use the sexual refferences like THAT movie did o_o, I love both plot lines though.

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