My Chemical Romance bassist reveals band in 'exciting final phase of recording'

In a new blog post on My Chemical Romance's official Web site, bassist Mikey Way reveals that the band is in its "exciting final phase of recording" and that the members "are counting down the seconds to when [they] can finally share it with [the fans]."

He also reveals that the album now has a a title, which he does not disclose.

Of the new material, Way says it "changed [his] perception of what a My Chemical Romance song can do." and that "it pushes every envelope and blurs every single line more than anything [they] have ever done."

Way also says that the band's official site and the official street team's site will be facing major changes, which has its dedicated and tight-knit street team admittedly nervous, but Way reassures fans in the final bit of his blog entry:

"One day you will wake up, and nothing will ever be the same again, but it'll feel like an old friend. We love you guys more than you'll ever know."

Have you thrown all your previous expectations out the window yet? I think now is the time to stop holding onto any notions you may have had. My Chemical Romance is leveling up...


Photo credit: Frank Iero


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