"Road to Paradise" - TAT [Video]

I love this song so much I wanted to share the video.

Tatiana DeMaria, lead singer and guitarist of TAT states in the beginning of the video, "Fuck 'especially for girls.' Why do girls have to suck at everything?'", both making fun of herself and taking a quick stab at the music industry and what it means for a girl to be in it.

The "she's good.. for a girl" statement is one that surfaces a lot in the context music, and it's a statement that can make things a lot harder for us to be taken seriously. Now, uber-feminist rants annoy the hell out of me; so, I'm not going to get preachy about how hard it is to be a girl working into the music industry, but you don't hear guys who interview bands and write about them being called groupies, now, do you?

Just saying.

No one paved the road to paradise or guaranteed that it would be nice



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