My Chemical Romance Studio Update

According to a blog posted on the My Chemical Romance website yesterday, the band seem to be moving along quickly with the recording process. The image to the left shows pieces of tape which the studio engineers use to help sort out the tracks.

Each segment shows an element of a song. If you look closely, you can see writing such as "toms" and "hat," indicating, obviously, drum tracks. If I am interpreting this correctly and each line of tape represents a song and each section of writing represents a finished part, My Chemical Romance have begun work on at least 17 songs, many of which appear to be completed or close to completion. There are two colored strips that obviously stand out. Perhaps these are finished songs? Perhaps one of them is the "The World Is Ugly" that Mikey has been bragging about, or "the greatest song [they've] ever written," that Ray Toro has boasted in the past?

Only time will tell, and it may tell sooner than we think. There has been a circulating rumor that within this next week, we will see more of the band working in the studio posted on the My Chem site. Keep your eyes open, and I shall report all the details here as they come.



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