Gerard Way Announces "KillJoys": New Comic Series

Many months ago, fans were spun into a frenzy of excitement when Gerard Way announced via twitter that he would be coming out with a new comic series. We were excited, yet clueless until this point, having previously known only that it would be "very different" from The Umbrella Academy and that Way would be collaborating with Becky Cloonan. Thanks to a Dark Horse panel at Comic-Con, we now have a title, prospective release-time, artists, and a general concept idea.

So, here's the deal:

Gerard announced at a Dark Horse panel at San Diego Comic-Con earlier today that his new series is titled, Killjoys.

Written by Way, the comic will feature the talents of Shaun Simon as a co-writer and of Becky Cloonan as an illustrator. The six-issue series, which is set for release in 2010 will, indeed, be different from Way's previous work, The Umbrella Academy. According to an interview Gerard did with Comic Book Resources, the series will be more realistic, set in modern times, and will "deal with much more mature and controversial themes, such as hate crimes and homophobia, the homogenization of American culture and American life." Way elaborates in the interview that Killjoys will be a sort of nod to the under-appreciated and great comics of the '90s.

So, who is ready for work from Mr. Way that is "more violent, heavy, and deals with much stronger themes"? I certainly am.

Killjoys -- coming 2010.



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