Gerard Way talks new My Chemical Romance album with Spinner

In an article posted earlier today on Spinner[dot]Com, Gerard Way divulges still more of the upcoming MCR album's secrets.

Whereas in other recent interviews, Gerard has described the album as being about survival, in this one, he gives us a new perspective, calling out bands who are in this for the wrong reasons, a war MCR have waged for years:

"That's what I like about us- our ability to terrify people who are doing this for the wrong reasons." -Gerard Way (from June 2005's Rock Sound)

In the article, the track we have previously seen titled "The Light Behind your Eyes" has changed to "Light Before your Eyes."

Of the nine tracks Spinner got to preview, the author writes: "we were left suitably blown away."

Seriously, with every new theme of this album that emerges, I grow more excited and...empowered as an MCR fan. I'm dying to hear more, and I'll keep everyone posted as I do!



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