My Chemical Romance Guitarist Posts "Audio Blog"!

Everyone should head over to My Chemical Romance [dot] com where you can not only hear a streaming clip from MCR Guitarist Ray Toro where he talks about the new album, but also download the clip to have and to hold as your very own.

In his posted clip, Toro explains that the band is done writing and is preparing for the new album by practicing and polishing their new songs. He explains that this is a process My Chem's previous release, "The Black Parade" did not have and how the added practice and fine-tuning is changing the new songs. The guitarist concludes by promising even more updates and expressing the band's desire to get the album recorded and to tour.

Is my heart pounding, oh yes! Is it 5AM?.. ... Well, that too.



Greg Payne said…
I have yet to check that out yet, but I will later. I need your take on this one though...Have you really been thrilled with MCR since "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge"? In my opinion that was their best album yet and "Black Parade" doesn't come close to matching it. And I have to admit I was disappointed with "desolation row". Are they just not singing about anything important anymore, or what?
I've been into MCR since just before TCFSR came out, yes. And it is also my favorite album by them, simply because it was an album that absolutely turned my life around.

I can honestly say that I have -indeed- liked everything that they have put out since and before then. I will admit that the roughness and heart that Three Cheers has does not carry over well into "The Black Parade", but heartfelt songs such as "Famous Last Words" with the same message the band has been carrying with them all along can hardly be denied of their 'importance'.

The thing about Comparing Revenge and Parade is-- well, they're kind of incomparable. "The Black Parade" was a theatrical leap for the band where they took risks and the very "concept" of "concept album" and brought it all to a whole new level. Revenge was more of an album filled with angst and heartache-- it was literally built around a base story, injected with personal emotion, and it OWNED way hard for that reason and many people could relate to it.
It's a bit harder to relate to the story of a dying cancer patient exploring his life, but the message is still just as relatable as ever, and "The Black Parade" has had the same emotional impact on fans as "3 Cheers..." had before it.

The band has always been about impacting the lives of their fans positively and showing them that they are not alone. I think that they have remained true to that, and as long as they continue to do so, they will be unable to disappoint me musically.

If you like their older stuff like 3CFSR and "...Bullets...", you'll probably like what they're working on now. In interviews, they have said that the new sound will be more rough and like "...Bullets...", so--. Who knows.


Wow... My "take" on that was longer than the blog entry...

Sorry. Ha-ha!
Greg Payne said…
Haha no worries, blogs are great for discussion. I think I liked the loudness of 3CFSR, and maybe I think that's missing from Black Parade? I don't know. Maybe I can't even put my finger on it. I understand what you're saying though. You make a great argument.

Not to throw Brand New in with another band again, but I think "The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me" is the greatest achievement in the history of music and I'll argue that until I die. I'm still not sure how they can top it with their new album this summer.
That very well may be the difference that throws you off. I think TBP is just as intense (See the breakdown in "Mama" and "This is How I Disappear"), but the sound is so layered. As Toro mentions in his audio blog, they're going to try to get their new songs DOWN so that they wont have to do so much layering to try to bring out the essence of the song. 3CFSR gets you to the point, gets you there quickly, and does it without added frills. I have a feeling the new album may have that same sort of vibe.

I agree. "The Devil and God..." is absolute genius! I have no idea what to expect from them, to be honest, because -from album to album- they have changed so much. I once told my friend that Jesse Lacey moved, as a lyricist, from an angsty kid to a philosopher.
Ha-ha! I don't know if they will be able to top it. Maybe they'll just do something new so that people can't possibly compare it to their previous CD. Ha!


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