A Call to MCR Fans: MCR Chat on Twitter!!

Hey, guys!

Today I set up an MCR chat twitter. http://twitter.com/MyChemChat

Here's the back-story (originally posted as an MCRmy promotion project), and I would appreciate your help spreading the word so we can make this work! :} ♥

With the Twitter's being such a HUGE and still-growing media, I thought a good way to promote the band would be to get My Chemical Romance on the trending topics list of the site. I made a project for this, and we have tried and failed time and time again (minus the whole #mikeywayday incident. Ha!), so I looked to often-trending subjects to find out the secrets.

The secret to trending a topic on twitter is rapid-fire updates all sharing a common tag. If you look at #journchat, which trends on Monday nights, it is apparent why. This is a scheduled chat in which members discuss a topic, answering a common question and follow it with the tag #journchat. This makes all the responses show up when one searches #journchat on twitter, transforming the search results it into a chat room.

So, I thought-- what better way to not only promote the band but to also bond fans than to start an MCR twitter chat? This is why I created:


Once we figure out a suitable time and set it, we will be able to start chats, and -with hope- make #MCRchat a trend, sparking the interest of others in the subject of MCR. With the band recording a new album, they need all the awareness and attention they can get!

In order to make this work, though-- we need a TON of people to get it started.

If you guys want to support the cause, please post on twitter:

"Join the #MCRchat (@MyChemChat)!"

and follow your own "tweet's" advice!

and, soon, we'll get the chat up and running!




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