Taking Back Sunday Review [Coming Soon]!

Hey, everyone. I just wanted to let you in on some things to come.

As you know from my posting about it, I saw TBS on the 15th, and I will have a review of that show very soon. Let me just tell you that it was AMAZING. My mind is thoroughly blown. The crowd had the most energy I had ever seen at one of their shows (the band acknowledged this with shocked grins as they watched us), and it was the best performance I have ever seen from them. Are they, indeed, "New Again"? - Yes, I say that with all my heart-- TBS seems to have mended any wounds that may have been plaguing them, and are triumphing over... The world it may seem.

I met most of the band while waiting in line for 12 hours in a dangerous area-- definitely worth it, but I'll explain it all later.



Rebecca said…
I'm really looking forward to the June 2nd release and hearing more from their new guitarist!

I wish I got to meet the band, I've always loved Adam :) Looking forward to your full review...
What I have heard so far of the new album is amazing, and Fazzi fits into the band seamlessly.

Thank you so much for reading-- the full review will be up soon. :}


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