Surviving With Dial-Up.

So, in Journalism 101 we learn that the world is going digital, mobile, wicked-crazy, and fast-paced. Videos are what's in, and we want LOTS OF PICTURES, oh yes. Make those sites fancy, too, would ya?

Well, that's all fine when you are a student and connected to the University's hi-speed, wireless internet, but not so great when you return to your dial-up at home.

I was spellbound somehow while sitting in Journalism class and hearing about the scary advances in media, and how sales in newspapers are declining and many simply turn to the internet for their news, and it can't be news unless you know it the second it happens. Not only do those things serve as perfect ingredients for hasty, rotten reporting, but they're also not true for me in the least when I return home and wait 20 minutes to check one lousy e-mail. I'll get my news when I can, thank you-- and you can FORGET about my watching even a one minute video.

Just to give you an idea of how slow my internet is, I shall give you a prime example. My internet connection is so slow, that I often come up with the mobile versions of websites. Yea, it's that bad:

This is a screenshot of my version of Myspace as of late. By the way, this took nearly ten minutes to upload.

So, the question is, how can we be more user-friendly to dial-up internet users?

Many websites seem to neglect the fact that a larger portion of their site's visitors than they expect are not using hi-speed internet connections. Some may not want to pay as much for the fast internet and some, like myself, are unable to get wireless in their areas. One could argue that we could just use mobile web. Ha! 30cents for every mega-byte or so of data is beyond not worth it, and we don't all have fancy iPhones, I fear.

The media world need not live in dreamland. Of course those making the websites will have fast internet, but those viewing it may not. Isn't the news for the reader, after all? Think about it, Online News Sources.

Try having two versions of a site: one for the fancy-pantses and one for we little people. It would be appreciated by many.



The A.G.B said…
Dial up? The horror....the horror.

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