Fall Quarter Photolog Conclusions

Here it is, folks-- the end of my first quarter ever as a college student. My exams are done, bags finally packed, and I will be heading home later this morning (I'm writing this at 2:30 AM) for six, long weeks to think about what I have done. Actually, I say that as if I have been corrupted, but -alas- I have not; try again next quarter, you fiends.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to sum up my quarter in a few pictures I have taken whilst here in Athens, so for your enjoyment here's:

Cassie's Fall Quarter Photo Round-Up!

The upperclassmen made fun of us freshmen for walking in packs. I don't understand what they mean, to be honest...

I like to "introduce a little anarchy..." to chalkboards.

Best Friends for LIFE!!!

"Kill the Batman," but spare the squirrel, please?

Someone proposed marriage to me on the graffiti wall. I love you, too.

ACRN grilled-cheese sales on Court Street owned a lot of my weekend nights. Snat, our Rock Lobster, likes to sing in the rain... or strip, I'm not quite sure which.

This is what I do before and between classes... Never during them. NEVER!

One of the saddest / creepiest things I've seen: the bike graveyard by Nelson.

So, there you are, folks. Just because J101 is over, don't think that this blog is through. I am definitely keeping this going, so subscribe to me and I'll subscribe to you, and we'll keep the jolly blog-times rolling.



The A.G.B said…
Where is that "bike graveyard"?
The bike graveyard is under the section of the catwalk where construction was going on for a long time. It's all dusty and weird under there. If you go down the far-side steps facing the rest of South Green and stay on the cement, you will pass it.

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