Deadmau5 collaborates with Gerard Way on "Professional Griefers" ?

I was informed earlier this week by the lovely MCRupdates that rumors were rampant online about a Deadmau5 collaboration with My Chemical Romance vocalist Gerard Way.

Though Deadmau5 first gave a preview of the song in December, it was following a recent livestream during which the popular electronic artist worked on the vocals for his track "Professional Griefers" that fans began to speculate.

To any My Chemical Romance fan, the sound of that voice is unmistakable. However, details of the collaboration are sparse and nothing has been officially announced.

Deadmau5, who all-but-confirmed that it is Gerard in this tweet says that he's not upset people found out about the collaboration, but is "pissed about the quality of a rip."

If you don't mind bad quality and can't wait to hear this possible collaboration for yourself, listen to the video* of "Professional Griefers" with vocals below:

Thanks, MCRupdates, for keeping me up-to-date about this while I was in the bleak, spiraling Hell of No-Internet-Land.


UPDATE: March 22, 2012 @ 1:12 p.m. EST
Additional information, thanks to @ViennaKISS:

A version of "Professional Griefers" with some added vocals was performed as early as August, 2011. Check out the video below!

*note: the original Soundcloud embed was removed. It is now replaced in this entry with a Youtube video


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