My Chemical Romance's Mikey Way talks Killjoys comic, The Mad Gear & Missile Kid and potential 'Life On The Murder Scene' follow-up

"I don't think we're going to be making any more videos, but something is definitely on the horizon," My Chemical Romance bassist Mikey Way revealed in a recent interview by Coup De Main magazine.

For fans who had hoped for "SING"'s massive cliffhanger to be resolved, that may be disappointing.

However, Way goes on to say that "the Killjoys story is far from over," citing that the Killjoys comic by Shaun Simon and MCR vocalist Gerard Way may contain hints at what happened to Kobra Kid and co. and that, "it should be relatively soon that you should hear something [new] about the comic."

Though, who knows what "relatively soon" means in MCR time.

Related to the Danger Days world, when asked if the band has plans to release a full-length The Mad Gear and Missile Kid album, Way said:

"Oh absolutely! That's something we talk about a lot, we just have to kinda find time. There's more songs we have that are Mad Gear songs and actually, there are more songs that Mad Gear have written that we are yet to discover. So sooner or later, that'll probably come to fruition as well."

Other potential things the band has thought of releasing: A follow-up to 2006's Life On The Murder Scene DVD. When asked about that, Way said,

"It's actually something we talk about a lot, making a spiritual successor to 'Life On The Murder Scene'. If you were a betting person, I'd say absolutely. It'll happen probably sooner than later, I'd say."

[Read the full interview]



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