My Chemical Romance to play "Secret Show" in Munich, Germany, October 26

My Chemical Romance are set to play a "Myspace Secret Show" in Munich, Germany on October 26.

The show, which will take place at Munich's Backstage Werk comes in the middle of the band's European "World Contamination Tour" which spans The U.K., Netherlands, France and Germany.

Admittance to the secret show is free and, according to the band's website, requires that concert-goers print their Myspace profiles with My Chemical Romance and Myspace Secret Shows in their Top Friends.

Only the first 700 fans to show up will be granted admittance to the venue; so, arrive early, Killjoys!



effie said…
the poster says I have the send a text to some number, however I'm not german so it doesn't work for my you think they'll let me in? I absolutely need to be there

I would hate to answer that and be wrong. The only information I have is what was posted on Jeff's blog entry.

He said that it would be first-come-first-serve to the 700 people who show up with their printed Myspace profiles (with MCR & Secret Shows in your top friends) and did not mention the text.


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