My Chemical Romance Give Insight to Upcoming Live Shows and Videos

This morning, My Chemical Romance appeared on BBC's Radio 1 to discuss their European tour, which starts today, and to give a bit of insight to their upcoming video.

The band says they're going into their first show tonight in London without much of a plan, but with a setlist that includes four new songs from Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, including the not-yet-heard "The Kids From Yesterday," which they reveal is their current favorite song to play live.

"It will be a while before anyone hears ["The Kids From Yesterday"], but it's totally because we want to play it. We're totally playing a song for ourselves, because we love it so much," vocalist Gerard Way said.

In addition to unveiling one of their brand new tracks, Way said that the band will play material from their first album, I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love, which had made only rare appearances in MCR sets after 2005.

Gerard says they will play "something off every record," a combination of songs that bassist Mikey Way adds is "a good mix of the old and the new."

As far as the visual aspect of their World Contamination Tour shows, Gerard says that they art directed some of their onstage gear, but that the shows will be more about interacting with the audience. However, shows with larger production may come next year.

The band also talks about their video for "Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na),"
which Way describes as an "odyssey" that started with the "Art Is The Weapon" trailer.

"The first time you heard new My Chemical Romance, you should be seeing it as well," Way said. "So, I convinced the label to give us the money and let me go run around and shoot it and did, and it was such a success that they said, 'Oh, could you finish this now? And we're gonna make Na Na the single.'"

Way told MTV in a short segment for the number 5 slot on the show "Ten On Top" this morning that "[The "Na Na Na..." video] doesn't really answer any questions as much as it raises more," but that he likes how it allows the fans to create their own stories.

However, more may soon make sense; as, Way told BBC that there will be a continuation from the cliffhanger ending of the "Na Na Na..." video with the next.

The second part, which was written a week before it was shot, according to Way, is being edited into a trailer by director Paul Brown right now.

Keep your eyes open for that trailer and for live videos of new songs! I will report everything here as I find it!



Anonymous said…
Thanks for this! I don't have cable or MTV!

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