New My Chemical Romance Shirt: Squid Attack / Galactic Destroyer

I think that it is worthy to note that My Chemical Romance has a brand new piece of merchandise available at Hot Topic.

The shirt, named "Squid Attack," features a graphic of a floating eyeball in space being consumed by a giant space-squid while both appear to be under the attack of missiles.

Under the graphic are the words "Galactic Destroyer." Both the band's logo and "Galactic Destroyer" appear to be in a more stylized version of the font used on the band's Motorcycle" t-shirt.

The squid shirt is not the first of the new wave of My Chem merch to feature the words "Galactic Destroyer."

After MCR performed at Japan's 2009 Summer Sonic Festival, three limited edition shirts that were sold at that show were made available to fans through the band's online merch store.

One of said shirts was called "Galactic Destroyer," and it featured a graphic with the words printed on some sort of control device along with "MCR."

What the significance of it could be I haven't a clue, but -- as I mentioned to start -- I found it worthy of note.



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