My Chemical Merchandise Update

With My Chemical Romance's upcoming album set for a Fall release, new merchandise is flooding in. Having anticipated that, I have not been making posts for each individual item, but here are a few recently-released items about which collectors may want to know.

"No Support" Rubber bracelet. The first of the new merch items made available through Hot Topic. I wrote about this particular merch item in May.

Fan-stated Pros: NEW MCR MERCH! Irony. No MCR merch like it.
Fan-stated Cons: Conflicting message. Don't understand.

Purchase at: Hot Topic

"Medusa Skull:" an updated and brightened version of the longer, maroon-sleeved "Medusa Raglan" that was sold on the band's 2008 U.S. Tour. It is currently on-sale through My Chemical Romance's webstore for $9.99.

Fan-stated Pros: Shorter sleeves. Brighter colors. Fitted.
Fan-stated Cons: Preference for old version. Illegible.

Purchase at: Hot Topic

"4-Piece School Set" -- A folder and notebook display the Medusa Skull graphic. A pen and pencil bear the new My Chemical logo in bright yellow against black.

Purchase at: Hot Topic

The "Squid Attack" shirt about which I recently wrote in detail.

Fan-stated Pros: Showing "comic-book nerd" side of MCR. Reminded of The Misfits.
Fan-stated Cons: Not well-fitting. Black base would look better.

Purchase at: Hot Topic

"Skull Snake" t-shirt. A Girl-fit t-shirt with an aviator-wearing skull with what appears to be a blond devilock? With a lightening bolt and yellow zebra print behind it? What? Yes...

Fan-stated Pros: "Classic rock" look. Unexpected design. Fitted.
Fan-stated Cons: Dislike colors. Looks like design of many current bands.

Purchase at Hot Topic: Regular sizes | Plus Sizes

The "Ray Gun" shirt was just revealed this week.

Purchase at Hot Topic: Slim-fit | 2XL

Those who pre-order "Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock" from will receive an exclusive guitar strap designed by My Chemical Romance.

Purchase from: Amazon

Is it just me or, is all this talk about 'ray guns' and 'galactic destroyers' making that probable title that Gerard mentioned in Nylon Guys seem to make more sense than ever?

Conventional Weapons: We're no match for them.

Hm. I'm still sensing leather and lightening-flashes, as I previously mentioned, but -- with this MCR release -- should we be expecting intergalactic warfare?

Expect the unexpected!


Be sure to check out the sale section of MCR's webstore for deals on a lot of awesome merch!


Anonymous said…
I like the Ray Gun design best. I think it goes without saying how fucking excited I am for this album. How fucking excited EVERYONE is for this album :')

Thanks for bringin' da latest goss' yo'.

Anonymous said…
That's a lot of yellow...Why so much of it?
Noelle said…
I believe the "I Don't Support Anything" bracelets are meant to poke fun at all rubber bracelets with writing on them seeming to support a cause in a good hearted manner.

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