Video Premiere: "The Dive" - Callahan

Sometimes you see things that make you stop whatever you may be vaguely preoccupied with and stand agape for a good moment. I had one of those experiences this morning when I checked Buzznet and found my friends' band, Callahan on the front page squeezed in next to features on Where the Wild things Are and The Academy Is....

Callahan, who hail from my native Springfield/South Vienna, Ohio have been working their way up through the local scene and into a more national scope since their formation a few years ago. Through touring nationally, writing fun and catchy pop-punk songs, and with the help of their supportive fanbase, they have been able to achieve such milestones as: being featured in Alternative Press magazine, playing Warped Tour, traveling overseas to play, having their merchandise sold in select Hot Topic stores, playing with John Legend (another Springfield local), and gaining sponsorships from several beverage companies.

Not bad for a little Springfield band.

And now, this. Their brand new video for "The Dive" is featured on a popular music community website. Check it out:

Callahan - The Dive from Thunder Down Country on Vimeo.

Callahan's newly released Summer Sampler is available on iTunes along with other previous albums. If you live in the U.S., you can also catch them on the live; as, they are currently on tour.



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