Cassie's Recommendations: Version Three

As it turns out, that weekly recommendations series I started became a bit not-so-weekly with the onset of finals and my moving back home from college for the summer.

But now, I am home and have more free time. I have titled this post a bit differently from the others; as, yunno, the series clearly shifted away from being a weekly thing. However, I can say that it will now revert to its weekliness!

That aside, I will be posting more in general as well. I have a handful of shows lined up to attend over the summer about which I will write, and -- if interviewers start asking MCR about things we don't already know -- I'll have the usual in-depth MCR posts!

For now, here's my life in music.

1. "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" - The Smiths

"Driving in your car/ Oh, please don't drop me home/ Because it's not my home, it's their home/ And I'm welcome no more."

Have you ever felt mildly love-nauseated and out-of-place in the place where you're supposed to be the most comfortable? Then, my friend, listen to Morrissey croon about it in this song. It's like, "Fuck! That guy just gets me."

2. "Love Love, Kiss Kiss" - Alkaline Trio

Speaking of being love-nauseated... I swear Dan Andriano crawled into my head and wrote these lyrics there.

Every day of this summer so far, I've been plagued by people's suggesting I "get a boyfriend." Oh, fuck you! Yesterday while I was at a stoplight, I saw a couple in the car behind me kissing and wanted to flip them off. I refrained because I'm a lady, but I did speed off as if I were in a race.

3. "Zero Percent" - My Chemical Romance

The fast and pissed European B-side of the "Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)" single.

That aforementioned scenario? "Zero Percent" was my speed-away music.

"I. hate. you./ Kill everybody!"

4. "Stare At The Sun" - Thrice (Acoustic from Fuse's IMX)

First of all, this is from Fuse's long-dead "IMX." Amazing. Look at those kids in the background. It's like going back in time, and it's beautiful.

Beyond that, "Stare At The Sun" has always touched me, and Dustin Kensrue's playing it acoustically makes it all-the-more lovely.

5. "The Best of Me" - The Starting Line

Speaking of going back in time... My friend and I used to act out whole parts of that video in gym class, especially the part with the guy on skates. Hilarious.

Fucking ace and timeless song, too. So much pop-punk these days doesn't have that timless element anymore. Bummer.



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