New My Chemical Romance song titles: Origins

A few days ago on formspring, one of my followers asked about how I knew the titles of the new tracks from My Chemical Romance's upcoming release.

To answer, I "tracked" back through my blog archives to find all of them and their origins (initial mentions) and evolutions (name changes or typo-driven errors) within the press. I think this is a pretty complete list of all the titles they have publicly announced; so, I thought I would post it here as an information reference.

Before any new songs came about, there were:

"Stay" (fan-titled)
"The World is Ugly" (also fan-titled)

Tentative titles from Mikey's "practice cam" blog entries:

"The World is Ugly"
"Teenage Girl"
“Tokyo Death”
“Monster Jam”
“City Lights”
“Still Alive”

July 22, 2009: "Siren Song" ? (probably just the video title)

The Roxy Songs:

"Death Before Disco"
"The Drugs"
“L.A. Heavy” (as it was called on the setlist)

October, 2009: Toro hints that the best material was written AFTER all these tracks.

November blog entry from Ray Toro:

“Still Alive”
”Save Yourself”
”The Only Hope for Me is You”
“Trans Am”
”Death Before Disco”
“Kiss the Ring”
(previously known “L.A. Heavy”)
Black Dragon Fighting Society

November Kerrang!

“Save yourself, I’ll hold them back” (as opposed to “Save Yourself”)

December Alternative Press:

“The Light Behind your Eyes”
”Hail to the King” (new title of “Kiss the Ring”)

November 30, Spinner:

”Light Before Your Eyes” (that could be a typo)

December NME
“Bullet Proof Heart” (previously “Trans Am”)
“Black Dragon Fighting Society”
“Save Yourself” (“I’ll Hold them Back” is gone again… LOL)

May Nylon Guys
”Detonator Baby”


Remember that members of the band have said that the best material they have written has come after many of these announced songs. So, some of them may not end up making the final cut.

Which songs do you hope stay based on the descriptions you've read of them?


Oh, If you have any more titles I forgot to mention here, leave a comment and a link to the source!


Hannah said…
Thanks so much for posting this, seriously.xo
Hannah said…
Haha, and to get that NME I woke up at 5 AM. Ughh. Anyway, I think it was January, not December, I have the cover up on my wall.
Anonymous said…
hi Cassie, It's @pintsizedromeo :} in one of the recent pics I saw "trans Am" back so I'm not really sure it's still Bullet Proof Heart :} thanks for the blog

Yes, I know. I wrote about that too. :]

I was under the impression that that was an old picture because the description said that it was the lyrics when they were first being written and also foreshadowed that things had changed since then. :]

We shall see!

Paige x) said…
Hello! @WeAreTheMCRmy here x)

Woah i've only heard of a few of these titles, but I saw in a recent interview that it was still Bulletproof Heart. And one of the shortlist album names was something like

"Conventional Weapons - We're No Match For Them"

Anonymous said…
I think "Detonator Baby" turned into "Na Na Na"...May would have been about the time the album turnaround happened.
Dez said…
Death Before Disco is Party Poison! ^^ Thanks for posting this though! @DezmondChua here :)

Yup! This post just wasn't updated after DD came out. :]


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