Taking Back Sunday loses bassist and guitarist, previous members rejoin

Looks like it's true. TBS has reverted... Your thoughts?

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Matt Rubano will no longer be playing bass for Taking Back Sunday, according to a post from the former bassist on the band's official page.

Rubano played with the Long Island band for seven years.

Along with the announcement came a twitter name change for the bassist as well as a strange pop-up picture on the band's Web site that appears to be an old photograph of the band (shown in this post). The band has not addressed Rubano's leaving further nor have they explained the picture.

With all the out-of-nowhere strangeness, some fans speculate that it could be a lead-up to an April Fool's joke; as, the band members are known April Fool's Day pranksters. Though, nothing factually points to that assumption.

To fans, Rubano says this:

And to Taking Back Sunday fans, there isn't anything I can say that will express the way I feel toward you. It's literally been a dream come true and you were the cast of that dream. I am happy to have met and befriended so many of you. I will miss you all.

He also reassures fans that he isn't going anywhere, only moving on and that we can still follow him on twitter.


Within two hours of Rubano's announcing his leaving the band, guitarist Matt Fazzi, who joined the TBS only two years ago, posted a link to a tumblr post in which he claims he too is no longer a member of TBS.


According to Punktastic.Com previous members John Nolan and Shaun Cooper have rejoined Taking Back Sunday.

Current members of TBS are now following both Nolan and Cooper on twitter.

Straylight Run of which both Cooper and Nolan are members announced their hiatus last month.


Alternative Press is now following the story.


John Nolan (via twitter 2 minutes ago): "My legal team has advised me not to comment at this time."


I will post more updates as they come



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