My Chemical Romance's "new shit god-dammit." Finally, Good News.

After receiving two dreadful updates from the band, My Chemical Romance fans are finally getting good news. In guitarist Frank Iero's newest blog post, he lets fans in on the upside of the recording of MCR's upcoming album.

According to Iero, the new record "is coming along swimmingly." The new material or, as lead singer Gerard Way put it, "the new shit god-dammit" is what Iero describes as "far advanced" from the band's expectations. He says the new material has brought My Chemical Romance to a new level, adding "if it doesn't change the game, it isn't My Chemical Romance."

With enough material for about 2-and-a-half records at this point, Iero points out that many of the songs we may have known about before this point may be replaced on the final product by the tracks from the band's inspired past month in the studio.

"But who knows...down the line, some of the songs we wrote over the past year that don't make this record could possibly surface again as b-sides or fun movie soundtrack stuff. I think it would be kinda rad at some point to have you all hear the songs that led us to our new found creative enlightenment."

Iero also explained a new special item that will be available to fans "in the near future." Signed and stamped prints of photos Iero has taken in the studio will be made available to fans who wish to buy them. Prints will be limited to 200 each and 2 will be released each month for 3 months.

Additionally, has received yet another makeover with this brand new background image.

"Until next time friends, let us drink to peace, love, and never taking any shit off anybody."


Congratulations to Frank and his wife Jamia who are expecting twins!


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