My Chemical Romance Madness

So, as some readers know, this past weekend I was on vacation and in an area where there was no signal. It was pure torture, mostly because My Chemical Romance has changed their entire website.

The band has a new logo font, which has a very "Clockwork Orange" vibe, and their background for the site is a dark picture of recording equipment, but -beyond the aesthetic differences- there are much, much bigger changes.

Among the navigation tabs at the top of the page, there is a section labeled, "members." When one attempts to register to be a member, one bumps into a slight problem- there is a "secret password" one has to use to register. These lucky people somehow already got their password, but how? Luckily, you have yours truly to explain these things.

California-area members of MCR's street-team, the MCRmy (of which you all know I am a proud member) began getting the following e-mail, which was accompanied by their secret code:

Members of the MCRmy,

As a thank you for being loyal fans of My Chemical Romance for so
long, we’re inviting you to be the first to register for This means that you’ll be able to add your
thoughts on MCR’s blog posts, get your own profile at, and
more features coming!

You have also been chosen to join My Chemical Romance at the ROXY in
Los Angeles on either July 31st or August 1st for a free private club

You will be given a unique code to claim one pair of tickets for one
of the two shows. That means that it can only be used one time. Do not
post this anywhere, or someone may use your code before you do. Note
– this offer is only for a pair of tickets. Travel or hotels (if you
need them) are not provided – just the tickets!

There are only 100 pairs of tickets to each show, so reserve yours
right away. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. Good luck!

Those who did not get the e-mail about the Roxy shows could have won tickets from KROQ, but -otherwise- this appears to be a private show for the MCRmy.

My Chem bassist Mikey Way urges fans to be patient, assuring us that registration will be open for all soon enough.

I will keep my internet eyes and ears open for details from these shows and post them for you here as they come.


PS: I see that I have a few new blog followers! Hello, guys! Comment and say, "Hi." I swear I don't bite!


FelonErika said…
I can't help but feel a little pissed off about this about. I understand sending the part of the letter concerning the Roxy to California-only MCRmy members. However, there's no reason they couldn't have invited the rest of us sign up for the site itself.

Also, I can't help but wonder: what about the fans that never joined the MCRmy street team? Or those who were never active on it, even if they had an account (such as myself)?

This doesn't seem completely fair to me.


Even inactive members of the 'rmy got invites, and the only reason it was done this way was because the show was local-only.

I recently talked to someone who is moderating the blogs on the new MCR site, and was told that they would have opened registration to everyone, but it would have completely flooded the server, so the main reason they started with invites was to keep from going down.

There is a method to the madness, and I and others have been reassured many times that the site will soon be open to all fans. There will be no charges, and -eventually- no discrimination as to whom gets to sign up. :]


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