MCR Post In-Studio Footage

As predicted in my previous blog, we have seen updates from MCR in the studio this week. I hate to say I told you so, but-- I totally did.

This week we were graced with two videos. The first, titled "Siren Song," is an 11 second clip (which makes my dial-up VERY happy) of Gerard and Ray recording back-up vocals.

Viola! There's our first glimpse of a recorded song from MCR's upcoming album. Ray's and Gerard's harmonies are haunting yet energizing, and I can't wait to hear exactly what they are backing. Judging by the rate at which Gerard is nodding his head, I'm guessing whatever it is will be fast. Brilliant!

The second video shows studio workers and the album producer goofing off as Ray Toro speaks to them teasingly from behind the camera and we are given a 360 degree view of their recording space. We get to see the environment in which the guys are recording-- a room stacked wall-to-wall with guitars and equipment along with a few miscellaneous items including: a megaphone, a box labeled "Mexico," a vampire head, TVs and accompanying gaming systems, and a giant snow-leopard.

Gotta love videos packed full of man-boys being unproductive in a messy, chaotic environment. Ha!



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