Things You Will Never Find in my Blog (Sorry).

My favorite little nook of the internet happens to be the forum of My Chemical Romance's street-team, The MCRmy. I have been an active member of this site for years now and have met some great people along the way. One of the things that I like the most about this internet forum is that I can feel free to express my love for a band and talk about music without the intrusion of the oh-so-dreaded "personal lives of the band" cropping its ugly rumor-feeding head. One of the forum rules clearly states:

� Do not discuss the personal lives of the band. Their religious beliefs, sexual orientation, marital status, actions off stage or family information is their business and is not open for discussion here.

In my writing, I have decided to adopt this as a personal law. Out of respect for the artists about whom I write, I will never speak of their personal lives outside the information that they personally disclose.

This recent blog post by Adam Lazzara of Taking Back Sunday from TBS's website only reinforced this rule for me:

"...but on a more serious note, i like to keep personal matters private for obvious reasons but there is this one thing that makes my stomach turn, i rarely pay attention to the rumor forums floating about the internet however in googling my baby's name out of curiosity i stumbled across a few entries that leave an awful taste in my mouth. as it seems, when i got married last year certain people took it upon themselves to spread decaying rumors claiming that i cheated on my former girlfriend with my, now, wife. they set out to make me, and her, look bad, pulling accusations out of thin air, to put it simply, lying. why someone would do this is beyond me. typing my son's name into a search engine and having these lies attached somehow to his name is shameful. like i said, it makes my stomach turn. the only truth in any of those rumors was that they were lies..."

So, simply for future reference: yes, I am aware of aspects of artists' personal lives, but you will not see them posted here. This is out of respect for the artists I love, because something can start as a truth, get riddled with assumptions, and end up possibly seen (as is shown by Adam's blog) by the artist you love. You don't want to be "that kid," do you? I certainly do not.



The A.G.B said…
The thing about not talking about the band's personal life reminded me of something.

I used to live in a neighborhood called Geary's Ridge in New Jersey. It was an awesome place but my parents moved me to Ohio because of my dad's job.

Anyway, I just contacted an old friend and it turns out that a member of MCR just moved in down the road from where I used to live. He doesn't know who it is because he doesn't know anything about the band and hasn't seen him in person yet. But we can safely rule out Bob because someone told him it wasn't "the drummer"

So, I could have hypothetically been in a position to comment on the personal of a band-member but circumstances took me in another direction.

Sorry that I am using your comments section as a medium to reminisce but I thought this would be the appropriate place to tell this story.

On a related note: have you ever thought about making this an MCR-only blog. You are always on the cutting edge when it comes to news about the band and I think that with some nice breaks you can carve a niche in the MCR fan community.

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