Blogs this Week and Plans for the Future.

Hey, everyone. I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who reads my babblings once more and -hopefully- give you something to which you can look forward.

I got smacked in the face with blog inspiration at a Speedway station outside of Columbus on Friday. As my friend pulled her car to the pump, a familiar man walked from the station. The three of us in the car looked at him, tilted our heads to the side with familiarity, then said in something remarkably close to unison, "What up, Hawthorne Heights." which evolved to, "That guy looks like the dude from Hawthorne Heights," then finally, "That is the guy from Hawthorne Heights." While waiting for my friend to finish filling her tank and occasionally glancing at the drummer at the next pump, I thought about my blog, and I realized something significant that I had been neglecting in it: REPPIN' DA 9-3-7, YO! Eh em, I mean, supporting my hometown artists.

Here was a member of a band that shares my area code, and I had not mentioned his band once in a blog! Granted, I liked HH a lot when I was 13, then forgot about them, but it's still exciting to know that they're from my area and even played the same small venues some of my friends now do in their former incarnation, A Day in the Life. Hell, they're even the reason why when I go to other states and say I'm from Ohio, people immediately throw out the, "Oh, so is your heart in Ohhhiiiooooo?" It gets a little old, honestly, but -hey- a band from my area brought attention to my state; I should probably give them some attention right back.

Seeing a Dayton band's member at a gas station, and my friends' band's being in AP this week sealed it, I have to give the Dayton / Springfield area some love and soon.

Springfield is less boring than you think, I promise.



Unknown said…
that's a pretty rad story. Just getting some gas...and you ran into him. I can't say I run into anyone of note where I live.
Ha! Well, it doesn't matter if you run into them or not, your state has produced some of the most epic people on the planet. I can't quite say the same of Ohio.


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