My Chemical Romance at Bamboozle Festival, 2012

Note: This blog has been edited since the event

May 19 @ 11:30 a.m.

And so it begins. My Chemical Romance at Bamboozle, 2012!

Not surprisingly, the first people in line for Bamboozle today (at about 4 a.m.) were My Chemical Romance fans.

1:30 p.m.

The Shirts for A Cure tent has restocked its MCR Bamboozle-exclusive t-shirts and the fans above have found their way to the barricade.

Now, we wait...

6:15 p.m. 

Here are a just a few of the first photo updates from MCR's set (omitting pictures that are blurry or too far away):

From Alternative Press: "@MCRofficial backstage at #bamboozle2012. (Taken with Instagram at The Bamboozle Festival 2012)"

My Chemical Romance has now taken the stage!

Photo via @brandyway:

Photo via frankierizzo13:

Photo via @ThatKevinSmith:

Check out MCRupdates Extra for more good quality photos!


The setlist:

1. "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)"
2. "Thank You For The Venom"
3. "Mama"
4. "Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)"
5. "Our Lady of Sorrows"
7. "Teenagers"
8. "Vampire Money"
9. "Famous Last Words"
10. "Welcome To The Black Parade"
11. "Vampires Will Never Hurt You"
("Cancer" is listed, but was omitted from the set, according to @_nananadia)
12. "Helena"


UPDATE: May 20 @ 11: 07 a.m. EST

Thanks to Devan Mickell for writing about her experience at Bamboozle and for keeping fans updated yesterday! I encourage everyone to check out her review!

Here is a video clip of MCR performing "Famous Last Words" from YouTube user IvysBlogChannel1999.



Rosalind said…
i think they played welcome to the black parade to

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