New My Chemical Romance photos give insight to recording

The second set of limited edition My Chemical Romance photo prints are now available on the band's official Web store.

The descriptions of the photos titled "patience and chaos" and "come and get me motherfucker" provide fans with insight to the band's long recording process.

Most strikingly news-worthy is the description of "patience and chaos," which shows bassist Mikey Way and vocalist Gerard Way in a "digital room" of their Los Angeles studio. The description says, "As a band we have all found ourselves behind instruments we wouldn't normally play, writing songs we wouldn't normally have written... the unusual and unique has become the norm, opening countless doors for us as musicians and ultimately our minds as artists."

Should we expect a new, more digitized sound on the upcoming MCR release?

The other photo, "come and get me motherfucker" gives fans a first glimpse of the lyrics to the song "Trans Am," which has since been retitled "Bullet Proof Heart." The description of the picture foreshadows and describes the changes songs take during their in-writing lifespans.

Be sure to pick up your limited edition prints quickly; as, the last set only lasted a day before they sold out!



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