Interview Quest 2010: Update One

Last week, I made the first order of business of "Interview Quest 2010" contacting Black Veil Brides after I noticed so many of you seem to like them.

I heard back very soon after mailing, and should have an interview set up with BVB vocalist Andy Six in the near future. The date is pending, but I'm pretty sure it's going to happen.

In the meantime, those of you who wanted me to talk to BVB: If you have questions, leave them in a comment.

I can't guarantee that all questions will make it into the interview, but I think it's important for fans to have a say in these things.



Emma said…
Wow that's awesome Cassie! :D

Think you could ask:

"What kind of influence would you like to inflict on your fans?"

I think you could word it better than I can. xD You get what I mean I think :]
BloodWineTears said…
Ask him if he'll marry my friend Lizy Justice. Or at least get her an autograph. She is his BIGGEST fab ever, she's OBBSESSED with him.
Anonymous said…
hey cassie! :D
I had already told you that i wanted to know how does Andy gets his hair THAT long xD but one friend of mine is a HUGE fan of them and asked me to suggest you this question:

"Hey Andy: What is your main motivation, what makes you day by day be what you are as a person and as an artist??? "

hope you can include it :)
if not, well... never mind :)
good luck with the interview!!!!

Anonymous said…
You might already be planning to ask this, but could you ask him Who his major influences are as a performer? If that makes as much sense as I think it does, anyway.
mcrlife said…
What's his most embarrassing moment on stage or with a fan?


What message is he trying to evoke through his music?
Caast said…
my friend wanted to know what kind of influence they hope to have on their fans and what inspires them to do music
Demi said…
So I noticed in almost every video/picture I see him in he's wearing the black rosary.
Ask him where he got it and if he ever takes it off (besides sleeping, shower things like that)
Haha :D

OH and
What's the weirdest thing a fan has given him?the best?

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