My Chemical Romance Back on Tour in AUGUST!

If that isn't the most beautiful thing I've ever seen-...

Unfortunately, it's hard to understand most of what the website has to say about this festival because it is in Japanese. My Chem fans are certainly familiar with Summer Sonic already; as, it was the festival that MCR played in 2004 before Gerard decided to become sober. Basically, what that means is: This. is. huge, especially since it is the first of shows cropping up that the band will be playing after their recent break from the road.

And what does this mean for a new album? Plenty. In recent interviews, band members have confirmed that they see it coming out later this year. A new album, summer shows- I could die happy (after I see them, of course).

Does anyone have some frequent flier points they'd like to donate? Right now, my serious intentions are to jet to Japan.


PS: Thanks a lot to Shell, MCRmy moderator extraordinaire, for this epic news


Grace said…
Great picture!

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