My Chem Divulge Secrets of their New Album to MTV

Oh, I know I said this week my blog would be dedicated to the '90s, but I simply had to post this, because I am ridiculously giddy every time a member of MCR opens his mouth about the new record. Check out what MCR singer Gerard Way had to say to MTV about it today:

Oh, and just a fun fact for those of you who want a little My Chem history:

Gerard goes through phases in the form of the jacket he wears. When the band began, it was a leather jacket that molded and "fell apart due to sweat," as he said. He went through the suit-jacket phase for a while, as well, but his new phase is that very denim jacket you see him wearing in this video. Its lifespan can be traced to the summer of 2007, its presence documented in nearly every recent photo of him. Gerard has even proclaimed himself, "a jacket slut." As for the rest of the band, it appears beards are the new black, Mikey's going for the scholarly look, and I believe Frank Iero has a new hand tattoo.



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