My Chemical Romance Ending Hiatus?

A text message arrived to me late last night:
Message From Twitter:

gerardway: Epic blog! Heading to a recording studio...

Now this could mean a couple things: Gerard is messing with the fans (see his Tweet about shaving his head and the chaos that surrounded it for example) or
he, as is by now historically predicted of him, has blabbed something he was not supposed to blab.

My money is going on the latter.

My Chemical Romance, after the Madison Square Garden stop of their 2008 US tour in May, went into hiatus mode, not giving any definite date for the end of their off-road hibernation. They just needed time to "live," as they said, which is more than understandable for a band that had spent nearly 4 years straight on the road. But, of course, the guys didn't stay away from their passions.

Frank Iero has been diligently working toward the release of his side-project, Leathermouth's, coming debut "XO" (January 27th, Epitaph Records) and touring with Reggie and the Full Effect. Ray Toro joined a Weezer cover band, Bob Bryar has been obsessively Twittering and judging drum-offs in Chicago. Mikey Way penned a comic for the DC Halloween special, and Gerard has been working on The Umbrella Academy and doing voice-overs for creepy Christmas videos.

As is also historically predicted of the band, they have begun working on their music in spite of this silly, little "hiatus" of theirs, ending it quickly. The individual members have been coming up with ideas on whatever side of the country they may be, and recently came together to shoot a video for "Desolation Row". There are now rumors that the band has begun pre-production on their next album, and -though the band has said nothing definite about it- many magazines and music websites have placed MCR in the "unknown release date" section of their Most Anticipated Albums of 2009 reports.

Now, with all that they have been doing, can we really say that MCR were ever really on a break? Sure they were, compared to their usual schedule. For instance, in 2005, I was able to see the band on tour at least once 8/12 months, and that's not an unusual thing for a fan of the band.

But is the break really done? It very well could be coming to a close. I forget the source and the exact quote, but I remember an interview Gerard did a long time ago where he said he doesn't know what to do when he's off tour and finds himself trying to get jobs at the local grocery store. Being a band has become too natural for these guys. I have a feeling this will all be sorted out soon, but in the meantime:



The A.G.B said…
God, I hope they are back at work. I can't go this long without new material!
They've been writing individually and have themselves admitted it. I feel it's only a matter of time, friend. They've been hinting at at for months.

Isadora 2. said…
Hey! Awesome page! (:
@Isadora. Muchos Gracias!!!

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