My Chemical Romance Ready to Record Next Album [The Overdue Detailed Post]

Despite previous claims made by guitarist Frank Iero, My Chemical Romance say that the do not think they will have a new album out as soon as summer, 2012, but they are ready to begin the recording process now.

In a Rolling Stone interview, Iero had said, "I definitely see new music coming out or at least being worked on throughout the rest of this year and hopefully maybe something coming out by summer."

However, the guitarist corrected himself in the Fuse interview embedded above, saying:

"I think I lied when I said that. I had nothing else to say, so I said, 'Yeah, we'll have a record out by summer.'"

Still, vocalist Gerard Way says that the band is already looking at recording spaces for their future album.

"We're currently, actually-- we're just going to hole up somewhere and we're going start already. So, as soon as this [touring cycle] ends. We're actually already looking at locations. We're just going to start working alone," Way said.

Way mentioned that the band has a very clear direction for their next album already, which is something they say they have not experienced in a long time.

When asked why they feel that they have such a clear "game plan," as Gerard called it, now, Iero said, "I think a lot of shit happened to us in the past couple years. A lot of stuff that is ready to pour out. I think with the last record, we needed to kind of get our legs back into being a band again. And we did that pretty quickly. Now, I think, we've had two years of playing within this unit, and we feel really good about it, and the creative juices are just really flowing right now."

As for their plans for the rest of this year, Way said, "Working, writing. That's it. We're just going to dive right in; because, we actually don't feel like we need a break. I think after Parade, it was like we needed a year break. But, we don't really need one. We're just healthy. We've been through a lot of crap together. I think I'm going to write more comics, which I'm excited about. Just stuff like that."

My Chemical Romance members have mentioned that they are constantly writing, and--as early as July and August--had hinted that they were ready to record.



Tanya SwordNFaith said…
Thank you for blogging the incredible news Cassie! Off to post your blog to our Chicago MCRmy. The boys have a way of keeping us going just when we think they're taking a break. Epic news!
@7LizBaker said…

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