Who Watches the Watchmen?

Those of you who saw The Dark Knight in theatres also had the treat of feasting your eyes upon something else that was lovely and comic-book related during your movie experience. You, unless you stumbled in late in the dark and probably spilled popcorn on some poor, unsuspecting nerd who thought you did it on purpose, saw the trailer for The Watchmen movie, which is scheduled for release in March, 2009 by Warner Brothers (and 4 days after my birthday, at that).
Why is that so special? Well, Watchmen, a 1980s graphic novel written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Dave Gibbons, has been highly regarded as a turning-point publication in the comic book industry- changing views of the traditional "comic book hero." So, this film is "kind of a big deal."
Some will only see this movie because of the hype, others will simply want the phenomenal soundtrack that is in the works (featuring My Chemical Romance's cover of Bob Dylan's "Desolation Row"), but some will appreciate this for the amazing graphic novel upon which it is based. Nevertheless, Cassie is predicting wonderful things, even if that means I think it's wonderful while the rest of the world exclaims their protests and disappointments. The Watchmen characters themselves are no strangers to this, anyway.

New trailer for the Watchmen from Spike TV's Scream Awards:

By the way, that extremely fitting song being played in the background is "The Beginning is the End is the Beginning" by The Smashing Pumpkins, which was originally featured on a Batman soundtrack.



The A.G.B said…
Let me answer your question. My ass will be in a seat the night of March 5, 2009 and I will in fact be: "watching the Watchmen"
Let me answer your question. My ass will be in a seat the night of March 5, 2009 and I will in fact be: "watching the Watchmen"

Oh, and it's the 6th that it will be released, by the way. You were so excited, you got ahead of yourself. Ha-ha!
Aisha said…
Hudson is helpful when you want a collection of codeine cough syrup in your wardrobe. I've always gotten better after going there, but I've never been sure if that is the drugs or the fact that it would have happened anyway.

I'm going to see Watchmen when it comes out also!
As my luck goes, I am totally sick now. Ha-ha! However, I am determined not to go to Hudson until absolutely necessary. I have cough syrup here, so I should do well enough.

The Watchmen movie is going to be so EPIC! I just can't hold back my excitement! Squee!!

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